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Nov, 18

The Qonto Startups Meetup brand has been created at the very beginning of Qonto. In November 2018, the events where at their lowest in term of participation and Qonto just realeased a completely new version of their product. The events were a full part of the communication strategy.

The old meetups banners
Evolution of the design
The evolution of the banners for the meetups (old on the left, new one on the right)

When I started working on this project, I began by looking at the target of this communication. "Which channel are they going to reach out by? What are they used to?" etc. So I noticed that the main audience of the meetups was young entrepreneurs, and freelancers, that don't have a lot of time and don't want to lose any.

We decided to go for an eye-catchy Artistic Direction, made of playful and geometric shapes that will be animated on the different type of medias.

The purpose of these geometric shapes was to make it simple to update and maintain. It was also very easy to animate to catch the most of the viewer's attention as possible.

I also did a serie of backgrounds that is currently used by most of the Qonto's employees. You can download them using this link.

Example of the backgrounds